Luna the Brave

  • Luna the Brave

The wilderness is her home,
The flowers full of grace and acceptance.
She finds herself in the stillness,
Using courage to grow a resilient spirit.
When the foundation trembles, she rises,
Ascending toward the light of the moon.
She refuses to stay small.

Her inner strength brings a calming presence to the wild;
Imagination and love radiating from her fingers.
The birds are swept up in her confidence,
The blossoms at peace with the heights to which she takes them.
Able to see the beauty in all creation,
It is as if creativity and light are woven through her.

Although there is danger in being her true self,
The reward is worth the risk,
For she knows liberation of the heart comes from sincerity.
And so she soars,
lifting everything around her as she does.

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Luna the Brave is a high quality print on enhanced matte paper.
Sizes: 8" x 10"